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Create references to BigQuery datasets, jobs, and tables. Each class has a constructor function (bq_dataset(), bq_table(), bq_job()) and a coercion function (as_bq_dataset(), as_bq_table(), as_bq_job()). The coercions functions come with methods for strings (which find components by splitting on .), and lists (which look for named components like projectId or project_id).

All bq_table_, bq_dataset_ and bq_job_ functions call the appropriate coercion functions on their first argument, allowing you to flexible specify their inputs.


bq_dataset(project, dataset)

as_bq_dataset(x, ..., error_arg = caller_arg(x), error_call = caller_env())

bq_table(project, dataset, table = NULL, type = "TABLE")

as_bq_table(x, ..., error_arg = caller_arg(x), error_call = caller_env())

bq_job(project, job, location = "US")

as_bq_job(x, ..., error_arg = caller_arg(x), error_call = caller_env())


project, dataset, table, job, type

Individual project, dataset, table, job identifiers and table type (strings).

For bq_table(), you if supply a bq_dataset as the first argument, the 2nd argument will be interpreted as the table


An object to coerce to a bq_job, bq_dataset, or bq_table. Built-in methods handle strings and lists.


Other arguments passed on to methods.


An argument name as a string. This argument will be mentioned in error messages as the input that is at the origin of a problem.


The execution environment of a currently running function, e.g. caller_env(). The function will be mentioned in error messages as the source of the error. See the call argument of abort() for more information.


Job location

See also

api-job, api-perform, api-dataset, and api-table for functions that work with these objects.


# Creation ------------------------------------------------
samples <- bq_dataset("publicdata", "samples")
natality <- bq_table("publicdata", "samples", "natality")
#> <bq_table> publicdata.samples.natality

# Or
bq_table(samples, "natality")
#> <bq_table> publicdata.samples.natality

bq_job("bigrquery-examples", "m0SgFu2ycbbge6jgcvzvflBJ_Wft")
#> <bq_job> bigrquery-examples.m0SgFu2ycbbge6jgcvzvflBJ_Wft.US

# Coercion ------------------------------------------------
#> <bq_dataset> publicdata.shakespeare
#> <bq_table> publicdata.samples.natality

  project_id = "publicdata",
  dataset_id = "samples",
  table_id = "natality"
#> <bq_table> publicdata.samples.natality

  projectId = "bigrquery-examples",
  jobId = "job_m0SgFu2ycbbge6jgcvzvflBJ_Wft",
  location = "US"
#> <bq_job> bigrquery-examples.job_m0SgFu2ycbbge6jgcvzvflBJ_Wft.US