Creates a BigQuery DBI driver for use in DBI::dbConnect().

# S4 method for BigQueryDriver
dbConnect(drv, project, dataset = NULL,
  billing = project, page_size = 10000, quiet = NA,
  use_legacy_sql = FALSE, bigint = c("integer", "integer64", "numeric",
  "character"), ...)



an object that inherits from DBIDriver, or an existing DBIConnection object (in order to clone an existing connection).

project, dataset

Project and dataset identifiers


Identifier of project to bill.


Number of items per page.


If FALSE, displays progress bar; if TRUE is silent; if NA displays progress bar only for long-running jobs.


If TRUE will use BigQuery's legacy SQL format.


The R type that BigQuery's 64-bit integer types should be mapped to. The default is "integer" which returns R's integer type but results in NA for values above/below +/- 2147483647. "integer64" returns a bit64::integer64, which allows the full range of 64 bit integers.


Other arguments for compatbility with generic; currently ignored.


if (bq_testable()) { con <- DBI::dbConnect( bigquery(), project = "publicdata", dataset = "samples", billing = bq_test_project() ) con DBI::dbListTables(con) DBI::dbReadTable(con, "natality", max_results =10) # Create a temporary dataset to explore ds <- bq_test_dataset() con <- DBI::dbConnect( bigquery(), project = ds$project, dataset = ds$dataset ) DBI::dbWriteTable(con, "mtcars", mtcars) DBI::dbReadTable(con, "mtcars")[1:6, ] DBI::dbGetQuery(con, "SELECT count(*) FROM mtcars") res <- DBI::dbSendQuery(con, "SELECT cyl, mpg FROM mtcars") dbColumnInfo(res) dbFetch(res, 10) dbFetch(res, -1) DBI::dbHasCompleted(res) }